What Was the Assembly All About?

  • On May 17th, 2019, approximately one hundred committed and concerned citizens from every state, the District of Columbia and a United States territory, representing diverse backgrounds and ideologies, gathered in the nation’s capital.
  • The People established that our American Values are in jeopardy. We overcame our differences for the sake of the nation, and together we wrote our founding document, which received 95% approval.  
  • To ensure a representative democracy and keep the exceptional promise of our Republic, it is necessary for the People to address the failures of our political system and reaffirm our unity and our right to equal representation as citizens of the United States of America.

In May 2019, the first National Assembly of The People was held in Washington, D.C. A group of 100 citizens from all 50 states, representing all demographics, sides and views came together.

After 48 hours of deliberation, drafting and voting, the Declaration of The People for the people passed with a 95% approval vote. Click here to read the complete document.

Who are The People?

  • The mission of The People is to bring Americans together by engaging in civil conversations about our core American values, reaffirming our unity and working together to fix our broken democracy.
  • To ensure a representative democracy, The People activates citizens to bring the country together by establishing and carrying out nonpartisan governmental reforms.

Ten Ideas We Stand For:

  1. We empower everyday citizens to take a stand and defend our core American values as one. A group of people or a nation stays together when they share values and purpose.
  2. We convene diverse groups of Americans to form the collective voice of the people.
  3. We find commonality and identify our shared values and goals through a thoughtful and deliberative process. No one person dominates. Every voice is heard.
  4. We maintain civility and a nonpartisan agenda at all times.
  5. At our 2019 National Assembly, we created a public declarative statement reflecting our purpose: “The People will no longer sit on the sidelines in a paralyzed state of division.”
  6. We put out the call to serve. Citizens can sign up in their own state to become a leader and a volunteer to work on local reform projects.
  7. We ensure that every person is valued and appreciated.
  8. We will be funded by the people through small donations. This movement must be fueled by the people themselves, not corporate donors or special interest groups.
  9. The People decide. All major decisions, including which reform missions to take on, must be approved by a citizen board and clear a 70% member threshold. The staff of The People is there to help and facilitate, not to dictate.
  10. We will select statewide reform missions that are clearly defined and achievable.


Our Contacts

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