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Enrollment is open for our spring facilitation training (Tuesdays April 26th, May 10th, May 24th, June 7th @ 6:30pm-8:30pm ET)!

This program provides skill building and guided facilitation experience for those interested in becoming a facilitator with The People or just using those skills in your own communities.

If you are interested please complete this form, and for more information or any questions please contact program manager Sarah Fuchs-Voit (


May 2021 National Assembly:
Seeking Effective Elections

Thank you again to everyone who spent their Sunday with us, having tough conversations and finding action steps forward at our National Assembly. Here is a quick look at what we accomplished, and where we go from here:

  • We had participants from every region of the country and across the political spectrum
  • Attendees participated in 20 total in-depth discussions around the issue of effective elections
  • 80% of event survey respondents reported having met and gotten to know someone with a different political perspective, and believe common ground was identified & 90% believed that everyone’s point of view - including their own - was heard respectfully

Some thoughts from participants on the highlights of the National Assembly:

It was an impressive coming together of Americans with diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking about how to advance and improve our country.

The best part of the day was spending time with others engaged enough to spend their Sunday on better our system.

Stay tuned as we build on the theme of effective elections and incorporate thoughts and feedback from the Assembly in the expansion of our projects and programming!

We’ve had enough “Politics As Usual”

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Born out of concern for the future of our country, we empower everyday citizens to get involved in the political process from inception to execution. Our work breaks down the barriers of participation and restores balance to make our government reflect the interests of its citizens. We are proudly non-partisan and our members span the entire political spectrum.

Now it is up to us as Americans from all walks of life
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