The People's National Assembly -
Seeking Effective Elections

Sunday, May 16, 3-7 pm ET

The People is bringing together Americans from across the country and political spectrum to find common ground around our theme of Seeking Effective Elections. Ensuring the effectiveness of our elections is a top priority no matter your perspective, and we believe this is a crucial place for finding that common ground.

The event will not only provide the opportunity for some meaningful conversations and bridge-building, but also to hear from those actively involved in reform, and we will take it one step further with the collective creation of action steps forward towards real system reform.

This event is open to anyone who is interested in rolling up their sleeves and working together to ensure our government is truly representative and responsive to the people.

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As the planning for our National Assembly gets closer to the finish line, we’ll continue to use our bi-weekly Wednesday night calls to work out those details - so if you want to roll up your sleeves and get in on the planning we’d love to have you, and all of those planning committees are looking to add to the team so check out where you can get plugged in here.


Americans voted and the campaigning is over. Now what? The work of fixing our government doesn't end on election day. It’s going to take regular people coming together and finding common ground around real solutions. It's a big challenge, but we are up for it. Are you in?

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Coming out of this election the American people are faced with a choice: continue down the path of extreme polarization and division, or come together to fix our broken political system.


Through the #ComeTogether challenge, we are creating a citizen-led movement that fosters unity and culminates in a nationwide event where we, the American people, will lay the foundation for a path forward. We are challenging each other to literally come together and not only talk but actively work to address our broken political system.  We believe no one politician or political party can unite the country alone. We believe it will take us, our country's people, listening to each other, learning from each other, and creating reforms to our political system together. We can create a more responsive, representative, and accountable government that works for, by, and of the people, only if we #ComeTogether 

We’ve had enough “Politics As Usual”

Why Are We Divided?

Coming Together - To Make Our Government Work - For Us

Who will change our lives and our world?

Not a party.
Not a politician.

We the people will.
But we can’t do it alone.

Be part of the solution.
Join the movement.

Story of
The People

Born out of concern for the future of our country, we empower everyday citizens to get involved in the political process from inception to execution. Our work breaks down the barriers of participation and restores balance to make our government reflect the interests of its citizens. We are proudly non-partisan and our members span the entire political spectrum.

Now it is up to us as Americans from all walks of life
to unite and take a stand. Do you want to get off the
sidelines and actively join together to work on our

For the people.
By the people.

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