The Establishment of The People

America has been in a state of decline, distrust, and stagnation for decades.  As a result, our finance, health, immigration, education and political systems are in crisis. These issues along with massive economic changes due to the information age have put the future of our republic in question.

Americans, out of fear and insecurity, have taken sides with a vengeance– 82% believe it is the worst division they have seen in their lifetimes. Congress, which has benefited from a corrupt system fueled by self-interest and self-preservation, has ceased to function in any constructive way.

Out of genuine concern for our future, a small group of original members, conservative pollster, Frank Luntz, social activist, Andrew Shue, TV producer, Patty Wolfe, and Democracy entrepreneur Katie Fahey set out to see if the American people had irreconcilable differences. Meetings in nine states across the country with over 200 citizens from all backgrounds and political beliefs –  led to 100 individuals from all 50 states showing up in the nation’s capital, to ratify a joint declaration and officially launch “The People.”

Questions were put to conservatives and liberals alike. “Do you take responsibility for our future? Can you stop blaming others and work together with people from the other side to fix our broken politics? After a very intense 3 day marathon effort, the answer was a resounding YES!  The People’s declaration is emphatic – we must take responsibility – no one is coming to save us – we are all in the same boat and we must pull together if we are to survive.

Using Katie’s success story in Michigan as a guide (she led 14,000 nonpartisan volunteers to pass legislation to ending Gerrymandering), “The People” will build networks of diverse citizens in every state to begin working on similar reform campaigns to restore the government Lincoln imagined – of, by and for the people.

To view the recordings of the 9 focus groups across the country with over 200 citizens from all backgrounds and political beliefs please visit the state pages. These videos can provide you with a glimpse into what people from different states are concerned about, their thoughts about national issues and what political change they may want to work on.

To view the videos of our foundational Focus Group Meetings, click here.


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