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8/16/2021 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A with Amy Scott-Stoltz, working to end partisan gerrymandering in South Dakota

8/10/2021 – Bridge Michigan: Don’t Hire GOP Partisan Firm For Michigan Redistricting Panel

6/15/2021 – The Hub: The People’s National Assembly Engages Party Politics

4/5/2021 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Two State Legislators Pushing To Open Maine’s Primaries

2/22/2021 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Zoraya Hightower, Hoping To Revive Ranked Elections In Vermont’s Main City

2/2/2021 – TeenVogue: The 2021 Redistricting Cycle: What To Expect And Why It Matters

12/7/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Daela Taeoalii-tipton, Who Pushed For Virginia’s New Mapmaking Rules

11/24/2020 – The Fulcrum: Reform, Interrupted: The New Mapmakers Mainly Face The Old  Partisan Rules

11/19/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Cindi Copeland, Who’s Searching For Political Humanity In Virginia

10/26/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Two Florida Teens Eager To Someday Vote In Open Primaries

9/30/2020 – The Guardian: I Loathe Your Politics – So Let’s Be Friends

9/28/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Shauna Hamilton, Who’s Working For More Voter Choice In Massachusetts

7/22/2020 – The Hill: Pandemic Imperils Redistricting Reform Efforts

7/20/2020 – IVN Network: How We Vote Could Make You Sick, And We Shouldn’t Accept That

7/20/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Sonia Riley And David Valente, Bridging Distance And Differences In A Pandemic

6/29/2020 – The Fulcrum: How Quick Video Primers On Democracy Reform Can Support Activism

6/18/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Kate Titus, Finding Creative Ways To Get A Reform On Oregon’s Ballot

4/24/2020 – Reasons To Be Cheerful: How A Group Of Political Novices Ended Gerrymandering In Michigan

4/21/2020 – Fast Company: How My Facebook Post Sparked A Citizen Movement That Defeated Partisan Gerrymandering In Michigan

4/2/2020 – The Guardian: How Do You Stop Politicians From Rigging The Ballot? This Woman Knows

3/31/2020 – The Daily Beast: Katie Fahey, An Anti-gerrymandering Activist And Subject Of The New Doc “Slay The Dragon,” Writes About Why Americans Must Put An End To Toxic Partisan Gerrymandering

3/23/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Jamie Lyons-eddy, Grassroots Field Marshal With Lessons For Organizing In A Pandemic

3/12/2020 – The Fulcrum:  How To Slay A Dragon: Reflections On A Documentary

3/9/2020 – IVN Network: How To Slay A Dragon

2/18/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Steve Hough, Who’s Working To Open Florida Primaries To All

1/13/2020 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Don Lee, Advocate Of Equal Representation

12/16/2019 – The Fulcrum: The Fahey Q&A With Lisa Nash, Leading A New Movement In The First Primary State

12/6/2019 – Sentinel Source: Actor To Bring New Group Aimed At Empowering Residents In Politics To Keene

11/20/2019 – The American Leader: Katie Fahey: Started Anti-gerrymandering Campaign

10/10/2019 – The Fulcrum: Making Government More Responsive Is A Task For Americans Of All Stripes

7/9/2019 – The Fulcrum: Meet The Reformer: 10 Questions With Katie Fahey

7/7/2019 – The Journal: We Must Address Voter Apathy

7/3/2019 – Inside Nova: There Is A Way To Bridge The Political Divide

7/2/19 – The Hill: Taking Back The Power From Politicians To Draw Their Own Districts

5/20/2019 – The Fulcrum: New Group Wants To Revive ‘the People’ As The Focus Of American Democracy

3/31/2019 – Bridge Michigan: Katie Fahey Of Voters Not Politicians To Take Michigan Model National

Podcast / Radio / TV

9/27/2021 – Al Jazeera, The Stream – Is Gerrymandering Destroying US Democracy

9/1/2021 – A Republic – If We Can Keep It: Voter Suppression and Redistricting (Guest: Katie Fahey)

7/9/2021 – Art of Power Podcast: Meet the 27 Year Old Who Changed Michigan’s Constitution

5/26/2021 – Solvers Podcast: In Democracy We Trust?

12/18/2020 – A Republic – If We Can Keep It: Episode 3, Katie Fahey

11/8/2020 – NPR All Things Considered: How Gerrymandering Efforts Fit Into 2020 Presidential Election

9/24/2020 – NPR All Things Considered: How An Independent Oversight Committee Is Working To Reform Gerrymandering In Michigan

2/24/2020 – Swamp Stories: Episode 5, A Gerrymandering Tale You Haven’t Heard

11/2019 –   Citizen Reformers Podcast: Episode 001: Grassroots Campaign To End Gerrymandering In Michigan

10/16/2019 – Democracy Nerd: Gerrymandering Reform

10/3/2019 – Another Way By Lawrence Lessig: Katie Fahey On How The People Can Beat Gerrymandering

10/02/2018 – MTV: Katie Fahey On Gerrymandering In Michigan

Speech / Panel / Q&A

6/17/2021 – New Profit: Civic Lab Roundtable: What We Need

4/15/2021 – Library Of Congress: Panel Discussion: A Campaign For Civic Strength At The Library Of Congress

3/4/2021 –  Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center For Governance And Innovation: Panel Discussion: Citizen Ballot Initiatives: A New Tool For Election Reform

2/17/2021 – The American Bar Association’s Section Of Civil Rights And Social Justice: Panel Discussion: The Documentary, Slay The Dragon

1/28/21 – Public Hearing Of The People’s Map Commission Hearing Featuring The 7th Congressional District In Wisconsin: Katie Fahey Gives Expert Testimony

10/18/2020 – Politics For The People Book Club: The Politics Industry By Katherine Gehl And Michael Porter

10/4/2020 – Politics For The People Book Club, “Sneak Peek”: The Politics Industry By Katherine Gehl And Michael Porter 

5/31/2020 – Fair Maps Wisconsin: Q&A Panel Discussion: Gerrymandering

5/28/2020 – Civics Con: These Maps Aint Fair

04/10/2020  Princeton Gerrymandering Project Town Hall: Fixing Bugs In Democracy: Organizing During A Pandemic

11/11/2019 – American Promise: Katie Fahey Citizen Leadership Award

Press Conference

8/25/2021 – North Dakota Voters First News Conference

10/12/2020 – Press Briefing On Redistricting Reform

6/23/2020 – Redistricting Reform Race To The Ballot Summit With Arnold Schwarzenegger


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