We The   People

We The People is the product of months of work by the three anchor organizations who share the conviction that government must be actively supported and defended. These organizations decided to pool their talents, experience and unique positions in the field to achieve a common mission: Creating a culture shift that will: We are convinced that this change in cultural understanding is necessary groundwork for constructive action on a wide range of public priorities and government reforms.

The We The People consortium will launch in early 2014 with an ambitious and creative agenda for building and supporting a vigorous constituency for the role of government in American life. Its work will be self-consciously and relentlessly aspirational; the initiative is designed to rebuild the public's faith in its own capacity to determine the nation's future. We want to address head-on the cynicism and disillusionment about government that is poisoning political discourse and undermining reform efforts. We want Americans' thinking to pivot from what government is not to what it must be.

For information, contact gro.elpoepeht@ew.