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Our work empowers everyday citizens to be involved in the political process from inception to execution. Our work breaks down the barriers of participation and restores balance to make government more responsive to the popular opinion of the American electorate. We bring in and empower average citizens to be a part of and drive policy change. We empower individuals to have ownership over their experience, by understanding their interests, then connecting people and unlikely allies across the country to drive change. We don’t set the agenda of ‘what’ people want, instead, empower/connect people to accomplish their agendas. 

The People fully realizes the United States of America began from an exclusionary founding in what it meant to be ‘American’. It did not start in an inclusive way because of the groups who were purposely excluded from the American dream. But our country can evolve from its original constructs. We want to give our country the opportunity to restart in a way that represents and is created from a true reflection of the American people. We want to establish a system which has never occurred but is very possible.

Now it is up to us as Americans to unite and take a stand. We are looking to find the people who want to get off the sidelines and actively work together to work on our country.

Who will change our LIVES and our WORLD? Not a Party - Not a PoliticianWE THE PEOPLE WILL. It is Up to Us!

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