We are working to mobilize grassroots volunteers in Virginia. We are adding new events every day. If you are interested in joining in our effort to effect political change in your state, sign up here.

Past Events

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State Leaders:


Political Affiliation: Independent

Why are you a member of the people: I want to take an active role in choosing unity over discord and civility over hostility through civil discourse with my fellow Americans about issues that matter to all of us

The Hope: I want to see America be a country where people are patriotic, respectful of each other even when they disagree, and unified in the belief that our citizens are worth whatever it takes to solve America’s most pressing problems. I want to see Americans be willing to talk to neighbors, friends, family, and representatives in our government in a way that demonstrates valuing each other as people even though we have different political opinions. I want to see Americans be brave enough to reach out to each other and across the political aisle in order to change the conversation from something bitter and acrimonious into something joyful and engaging.

Contact Info: virginia@thepeople.org


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