America’s political system has many barriers that prevent citizens from engaging in direct democracy including discrimination, misinformation and voter suppression. We have observed the growing cynicism and distrust in our institutions, including government and traditional NGO’s with lofty goals and unfulfilled promises of progress. Divisiveness has caused tension in political discussions and studies show voter apathy on the rise. For the average person to regularly participate in democracy is a feat and many people must be convinced just to vote.

Through voter empowerment, we have seen people come together and create change; the average citizen can not only impact but can drive the political agenda in America again. We must capitalize upon existing momentum and eradicate unrepresentative government and barriers to civic engagement. By working together we will be countering the narrative that the people of this country are too divided to come together and actually make change.

We are creating a movement led by the people to restore power to citizens and communities. Our model of democratic engagement shifts influential power away from special interests and lobbyists and restores power to the people through building grassroots movements. To begin, we are building a network of citizens that will help us establish a common understanding of mission, goals, and values for our work. We plan to develop our people, talent and technology to connect individuals with similar ideas. We have built memberships in 22 states with plans to expand to all 50 states. We will create a citizens board who will advise The People, as well as the traditional Board of Directors.

Our work empowers everyday citizens to be involved in the political process from inception to execution. Our work breaks down the barriers of participation and restores balance to make government more responsive to the popular opinion of the American electorate. We bring in and empower average citizens to be a part of and drive policy. We empower individuals to have ownership over their experience, by understanding their interests, then connecting people and unlikely allies across the country to drive change. We don’t set the agenda of ‘what’ people want, instead, empower/connect people to accomplish their own agendas. As a consequence of our work, some of our volunteers decide to run for office, start their own initiatives and change careers acting as a catalyst that helps accelerate The People’s mission.


The People at our National Assembly in DC decide that we need to work together to solve the problems in America


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