The People’s Organization model is to assist, inform, and get out of the way. We will function with a bottom-up leadership structure, where members dictate who and what the organization supports with guiding principles based on being non-partisan, inclusive, and action-oriented. We will mostly focus on having an online organizing presence that works as a resource and collaboration point for volunteers across the country at every level.

Through a collective voice, the average person can be heard. We will help individuals organize around common causes, round out strengths and weaknesses, and connect them with others to accelerate their efforts. This will help us to facilitate productive dialogue between those with various beliefs and to promote action and community while empowering the average person to express their opinion, hear each other, and take action.

These efforts have the ability to be scaled up through grassroots support and organizing. We will crowdsource funding through small donations and recruit a base of nonpartisan volunteers to carry out democracy reform. 


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