We are working to mobilize grassroots volunteers in Ohio. We are adding new events every day. If you are interested in joining in our effort to effect political change in your state, sign up here.

Program Leaders:


Political Affiliation: Conservative

Committees: Regional Council, Policies Strategies, Listen / Learn / Action

Why are you a member of the people: I am a member of The People because we need to get people away from the political drama. And focus on what issues affect fellow Americans. And how we can address the issues

The Hope: To make the American Dream possible for anyone that wants to work hard to achieve that dream. And most importantly. To make sure we follow the Constitution that our forefathers put in place to protect our rights. And to not abuse or alter those Amendments.


Past Events

See some of the conversations from our May 20, 2018 Cleveland Meeting:


Our Contacts

2681 Cecil Street, Chicago, IL 60606




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