We are working to mobilize grass roots volunteers in Florida. We are adding new events everyday. If you are interested in joining in our effort to effect political change in your state, sign up here.

State Leaders:


Political Affiliation: Democrat

Why are you a member of the people: I WANT CHANGE

The Hope: That this wonderful Grassroot Organization name go down in History because we are all about Change




Political Affiliation: I’m a Compassionate Conservative who is registered as an Independent

Why are you a member of the people: I want to see positive, efficient and constructive change in our government.

The Hope: To see the current corrupt elitist government model be returned back to a government that is “of, for and by the People” and to do so, in a non-partisan manner that brings Americans closer instead of further dividing us.



Past Events

See some of the conversations from our April 24, 2018 Meeting in Orlando:


Our Contacts

2681 Cecil Street, Chicago, IL 60606




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