Community Hour

Community Hour is an informal group of everyday Americans from across the country with a shared desire to fix our broken, divisive, system. This informal hour of conversation began during the pandemic as a way for us to check-in with volunteers and we have continued meeting to foster conversation across the country. All are welcome to join the weekly conversation on Zoom.

Events Committee

The Events Committee meets on Zoom twice a month and leads in pulling off our organization sponsored events – from design and recruitment to fundraising and promotion. The Events Committee is focused on creating events that further the mission of the people and engage all audiences, from newcomers to active volunteers.

Grant Committee

The Grant Writing Committee meets on Zoom weekly to research, develop, and write grants. This committee is a good fit for you if you have good communication skills, both verbal and written, research skills, the ability to work independently, are computer literate, and have internet browsing familiarity. Google sheets or Excel knowledge is a plus. This can be done remotely from home.

Report Card on State Elections

Are you a tech wiz looking for an exciting new project? Are you ready to help improve our writing and design? We’ve started a comparison of state election rules to gauge where each state stands on issues related to election security and access. We have a draft map and a draft report. We’re building up the design and research team, and we want YOU! Tell us you’re interested at, and we’ll find times when everyone can meet.

Volunteer Engagement Committee

As a new organization, we are still creating the building blocks of our volunteer experience. We are currently working on improving the content on our website about our volunteer program, developing a process for placing, tracking and following up with new volunteers, developing an orientation process, and implementing volunteer appreciation and recognition. This committee meets twice a month and is looking for anyone interested in helping us grow and improve our volunteer experience.

Voting Rights Committee

The Voting Rights Committee is focused on working together to address voting rights issues at the national level. Current priorities include: National Voting Rights Legislation, Ranked Choice Voting, Vote at Home/expanded Absentee, and Voter Engagement. This committee meets twice a month on zoom.


Our Contacts

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