We are working to mobilize grass roots volunteers in California. We are adding new events everyday. If you are interested in joining in our effort to effect political change in your state, sign up here.

State Leaders:


Political Affiliation: Independent 

Why are you a member of the people:  believe in our mission it is something I feel passionate about and want to succeed because we deserve it

The Hope: I believe as a country we have lost the fundamental idea of what America was supposed to be and that is a place where anyone can be the person they were meant/want to be and it's because people are choosing to go against each other and not talk openly. We don't look at differences anymore and see that learning about them makes us better people and I think it's important that we try and get back a little of our core American values. My hope is that by learning to be one people again we can do this.




Political Affiliation: Democrat

Why are you a member of the people: I want to personally contribute to chance for our country

The Hope: The major change I hope the group accomplishes is that of getting back the ability for citizens to cast a vote that makes the changes.




Past Events

See some of the conversations from our May 3, 2018 Meeting in Los Angeles:



Our Contacts

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