Who are the financial backers of The People?

The short answer is - it is still just Andrew Shue and Frank Luntz and a few of their personal friends who believe in the idea.

Our goal is to have this funded solely by citizens from all walks - with small donations - we believe we can get to that point within the first year.

Is The People truly independent of a political party?

We completely understand your desire to make sure what you are entering into is something which aligns with your values and goals. We assure you this group is not aligned with any party. We too pride ourselves on nonpartisan work, as well as our Executive Director. Frank Luntz is a strong Republican. However, Andrew Shue is not and identifies as a Democrat. So, even from the beginning these two made sure there was representation from both parties.

We have been very thoughtful about the nature of membership for The People. We want to allow anyone who is interested in joining the group to do so; however, we also want to ensure voices from all parts of the political spectrum are heard.

We are wondering if you have any ideas on how we can proactively help people feel comfortable with the independent and nonpartisan nature of this? We want to make sure all members know the intentions and actions of The People are truly nonpartisan and would appreciate your feedback.

We also want to ensure efforts taken up by The People are nonpartisan in nature. We will be focusing our efforts on government reforms which benefit all people, not one party or the other.

What is your D.C. event?

The intentions of our D.C. event is to unite people from across the country and political spectrum to create the foundation of a political organization/movement that will discover who we are as Americans and how we 'the people' of this country can create a shared united future.

This event will be replicated off of the U.S. senate. We want to have 100 members from all 50 states represented and working to voice the views of others from their state and work with other delegates to adopt The People's will.

You all will have the opportunity to vote for a delegate to attend the D.C. conference, which will take place during your in state meetings.

We look forward to working with all 50 states to create a comprehensive and collective declaration of The People.

Where are you Located?

The People works remotely across the U.S. Currently we have founding members in 22 states. Our staff members work in New York and Michigan currently.

Is my Donation Tax-Deductible?

Yes! The People is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax deductible. Also, we are required to certify that you received no goods or services in consideration of this contribution; therefore, the full amount of your gift is tax-deductible.

Do you have more questions? Please email us at info@thepeople.org


Our Contacts

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